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Mahn is a 36 year old mother of three. She arrived in this country from Laos when she was a young child. In 1999, Mahn earned her adult high school diploma and she came to Maine in 2004. She’s recently separated from her long time partner and is now working hard to become independent and self-sufficient. She’s got experience doing gardening, landscaping, cooking but she wants to gain office skills to find dependable work so she can support herself and her children so they can live with her again.

Finding work required relocating to a new community with more employment and educational opportunities. She also wants to continue building her academic knowledge and knows that it is critical to have 21st Century skills.

If Mahn has a laptop computer for use at school and at home, she could significantly streamline the process for securing a job that will change her life by leading to a rewarding career so she can become successful as a worker and the role model she hopes to be for her children.