Jill Meyer | Social Justice Advocate

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Jill Meyer is from South Bristol, Maine. She has spent her life involved in farming and gardening, but also as a political volunteer.

She spends a lot of time doing politics-related research and studying her own family’s history and connections. At this time, she is attempting to put together a program (through a partnership with someone in the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office) for victims of domestic violence. In the past, she has dedicated herself to similar efforts, such as Maine Peoples’ Alliance, Black Lives Matter, and initiatives against Elder Abuse.

Lastly, Jill is fighting a rare disease and has started a social outlet for others who are battling it as well. When these individuals connect, they have access not only to each other, but to health care professionals and specialists as well.

Jill would like potential donors to know that she will use her computer to stay engaged and continue working to make the world a better place.