Cynthia Bain | Mother, Student, Leader

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Cynthia Bain is a mother of 4 who moved to Maine for a fresh, rejuvenating start of life with her family. In an incredibly short amount of time, Cynthia was able to direct her clean, healthy life from recovery to independence- and now serves as a leader of recovery and sobriety in the Bangor area.

While serving as a mentor, Cynthia is also going back to school (which she credits to her Mother, her professional and personal role model) and hopes to drive her education into her passion for helping others.

With the support of her children and Mother, Cynthia has an optimistic outlook on the road ahead. If she gains the tools she needs to get through school, a laptop for computer fundamentals and research, Cynthia will be able to go into the realm of therapy as a professional.

With sincerity, Cynthia extends her gratitude to any support she is given.