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I am Cassandra Mcalister. I’m turning 17, and I am a junior in High School. I was born and raised in Maine!

I love so many things and I have a ton of hobbies. I am definitely an animal person- my family and I have a small farm with goats, chickens, rabbits, cats, and ducks. We enjoy boating, swimming, camping, visiting state parks, attending fairs, and going on 4-H trips.

My younger sister is often seen by my side during these exciting activities! In addition to spending time with my family doing all these things, I enjoy baton twirling, ice skating, snowboarding, photography, digital/graphic design, and public communications. I do a lot of these things through 4-H.
I believe everyone should go out into their world, whether a hometown, state, or the globe, and be the best that they can be in everything they do- and have fun doing it.

I, personally, need a computer system for my graphic design and photography editing. At my tech school last year, I got involved in the graphics program, and have continued participating. Not having a computer at home presents a challenge, since I only have access to doing this work when I am in those classes. I also take advanced classes at school and always have a load of work, so a computer would allow me to do research and assignments for schoolwork.

On the same machine, my family will be able to complete 4-H work, as my parents are leaders in 4-H and we have our own club. A computer would also be handy in checking emails, doing household management, and even pay their bills online. My younger sister will also be able to complete schoolwork, especially now that she is getting into higher grade-levels.

Thank you so much!